2021/07/07 - Open Zoom - Life Had Other Wondrous Plans

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Guided Meditation
- Thank you Louise!
- Gratitude even when all my buttons are pressed.
- Surrender and learning life skills: not mutually exclusive.
- Presence is the key: recognizing unconsciousness in ourselves and others.
- Becoming aware of this moment.
- Despite years of seeking, my pain is worse.
- Spiritual seeking as an escape mechanism.
- Somatic Guidance: turning attention around and allowing bodily sensations.
- Exploring grief: to be an explorer you have to be brave and adventurous.
- Stillness of Being: magic ingredient for any exploration.
- Speaking from the Unknown: losing interest in jibber-jabber.
- Staying true: navigating other people's projections, relationships falling away to create space.

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