2021/07/10 I - Online Retreat - Living Problem-Free

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Guided Meditation
- Starting point: I Awareness Am here.
- Investigating the 'I' that does or doesn't have value.
- The 'I don't have worth' contraction: past pain held in the body.
- The fear of making a mistake: surrendering with the agenda to not have any responsibility.
- Willingness to feel: knowing no sensation can harm you.
- Unraveling the idea of 'relationship': opening up to what's true for us and trusting Life knows what's best for our partner.
- The openness and flexibility of Truth vs. the mind's black and white perspective.
- Living problem-free: turning problems into opportunity.
- Gently tearing down the mind's protection mechanisms with clarity of seeing.
- Surrendering gracefully to Grace.
- Letting go of control in this moment.
- Going beyond the seeker: the mind's play of wanting and not wanting to surrender.

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