2021/07/10 II - Online Retreat - Spitting and The End of Separation

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Guided Meditation
- The mind makes a problem out of anything: victim to experience.
- Internal voice, the 'judger': how the mind-made self judges itself.
- Exploring control mechanisms: watching and consciously feeling. - True surrender: willingness to feel discomfort of contractions.
- Contractions: staying open to contractions while speaking, the body's natural inclination to heal, opening up to vulnerability.
- My daughter has an eating disorder and I feel powerless.
- Push and pull: authentic desire to surrender vs the mind fighting to survive.
- Mature love: only the false falls away, relating through masks.
- True beauty: meeting identification with the self-image earlier in life makes the aging process easier.
- Radical honesty: whether there's a distorted sense of self tied into self-image.
- Botox: feeling great with or without it.

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