2021/07/10 III - Online Retreat - Hiccups and Transcending Preference

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Guided Meditation
- Allowing the body to feel how it feels, exploring not being able to cope on my own.
- Asking us our intention for the retreat was an epiphany for how I want to live daily.
- Deep appreciation for you Louise!
- Embodying radical honesty: mind's blindspots and protection mechanisms.
- Willingness to see: relationships as a mirror to see our own unconsciousness.
- Best declaration: I am Love, I choose to see Love.
- You're taking a break triggered my system: mind attacks, neediness, avoidance, wanting to be an adult.
- Surrendering to loneliness leads to Aloneness.
- Unconscious beliefs: "I'm cursed", "Someone else can harm me".
- Awakening 2000 years ago vs now.
- Inevitability of death, the mind using global problems as a protection mechanism, dying before you die.
- Beingness: our true refuge.

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