2021/07/11 I - Online Retreat - Secret Santa: The Gift of Someone Else's Thoughts

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Guided Meditation
- Disidentifying from the body but recognizing and acknowledging it has trauma.
- Taking a break is part of the teachings, putting the teachings into practice.
- Longing to be independent: opening ourselves up to options.
- Earning income: what is it I love to do if I didn't need any money?
- Unconscious beliefs: "I can't do anything right", "Life is not supporting me".
- Children can't see how their families project onto them.
- The body takes time to dissolve pain.
- Checking into this moment.
- Single-pointed focus and setting the intention to live from Beingness.
- I thought I was in touch with my feelings but I'm not.
- Higher consciousness pours into an empty vessel.
- Discerning origin of thought: mental noise vs inspired thought.

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