2021/07/11 III - Online Retreat - No Way Around It: Feeling All That Was Unfelt

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Guided Meditation
- Stunted maturity: being told as a child what to think, feel, and do. - What it means to be spiritual: loving everything, including the gnarly, not just the bliss.
- Meeting the pain of not being seen as a child, core trauma healing.
- Somatic guidance: inner aliveness is the gateway.
- Is it possible to live in presence all the time?
- Keeping the system open and relaxed as energy is being processed.
- Balance of coming to these meetings and trusting my own guidance to choose not to.
- Efforting of the spiritual mind: being "spiritual" or not being "spiritual".
- Believing that everyone should enjoy the love of the formless.
- Judging others: seeing how the mind creates sense of separation, stepping back and going into presence.
- The trap of being present so that the other will quieten.
- Being present for the love of presence even if everyone else is upset.

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