2021/07/14 - Open Zoom - Tornadoes and Debris: Whatever Your Experience Just Be

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Guided Meditation
- Riding through the storm: staying present with strong energies.
- I don't feel a longing.
- Checking into this moment.
- Tornadoes and debris: hidden tendencies and the willingness to look, seeing when patterns want to act out.
- Life's supporting the unfolding of our awakening journey, the preciousness of seeing transformations.
- Exploring mind mechanisms: an invitation from the mind to come back to noise after insights, hooking mechanism, catching the first thought.
- Formal meditation: discerning heart's longing from mind's chore, resistance to feeling underlying energies.
- Your path is the right path for you: following inner guidance, no formula for awakening.
- The primary purpose of relationships and important questions to ask ourselves about relationship.
- Discernment in feeling sensations: identifying a sense of collapse into emotions and sensations.
- The different quality of tears: gratitude, release, collapse.

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