2021/07/18 - Open Zoom - The Fact That You Exist: Infinite Unending Worth

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Guided Meditation
- Exploring the fear of being alone: sense of failure, not having friends, and 'there's something wrong with me'.
- Healing trauma: from 'my father left me' to nobody can leave me and I can never be alone.
- Healing ingredient: meeting everything from Love and pure positivity.
- Fear of public speaking and being bullied as a child.
- Acknowledging inner experience and seeing where there's identification.
- The fear of finding out whether we are actually unlovable.
- Tracing back to that one incident or word that really hit us hard.
- Releasing unconscious beliefs by revisiting the past in the present.
- Separation: identifying others as their beliefs and behaviors.
- Childhood trauma: unworthiness, sexual abuse and the intelligence of contractions that save our lives.
- Spiritual bypassing by jumping over feeling in the body vs re-writing past experiences in the present.
- Mind attacks: when it's getting stronger it's getting weaker, vomiting out unconsciousness.
- Ability to stop believing old patterns and aligning with Truth.
- Storms are temporary, we come out the other side stronger.

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