2021/07/24 - Intimate Zoom - Domino Rally: All It Takes Is One Thought

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Guided Meditation
- Student/teacher relationship: the root of wanting to be special, meeting as equals.
- Recognizing ourselves and the other as this spaciousness.
- Keeping the flame of awakening alive, the teachings are in you.
- Who is the 'I' that wants to achieve awakening?
- The mind's ideas about how we 'should' feel vs the reality of the emotional body.
- What does it mean about 'you' when you can't feel anything?
- Techniques for regulating the nervous system.
- Fear of karma: acting out of ego vs intuition, the mind's love of problems, creating future problems.
- Unconscious beliefs about conforming to authority: "I can't hear my intuition", "good girls don't argue".
- Losing inner compass: squashing our inner voice until we can't hear it anymore.
- Practicing being connected to inner knowing with small things.
- I noticed that I don't take on what you say and I started to!
- Fear of intimacy: hurting others unconsciously, a need meeting a need, attracting partners that trigger us.
- How the mind projects doom, opening up to infinite potential.

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